Elvis Richardson 'Settlement' catalogue

$250.00 AUD

Produced alongside her solo exhibition in 2016 at Hugo Michell Gallery of the same name. 'Settlement' by Elvis Richardson catalogues images sourced from real-estate websites as an 84 page A3 book. Set to accompany an animated video featuring the same images, this catalogue of 'Settlement' is the first edition with a limited edition print run of 50.  

"Photography is a recording, analytic and aesthetic medium, and real-estate photography references both architectural, portraiture and anthropological photography. Real-estate photographs are documentary evidence of lives in transition, filled with economic, social and political signifiers. The real estate photograph is captured, edited and displayed with the overt intent that it be seen to represent a possibility in the viewers future. Its photographic message is life-style and the Australian Dream of owning your own home while its anthropological truth is ignored. These photographs can be viewed as a record, a revealing document of the way we live."

Elvis Richardson - Settlement


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